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Home & Away: the photographic journey of Erik Wibaeus

Erik Wibaeus, 35, Stockholm Sweden.

I've been following Djurgårdens IF since I was a kid inherited support for the club through my father. I picked up photography at a young age but never aspired to make it a full time job.

Nonetheless it has stuck by me for many years now and the mixture of photography, football and the Swedish league Allsvenskan is truly a powerful combination to me.

Djurgårdens IF is the innercity club of the Stockholm and carries a legacy of great supporters, including some of the best dressed footballs fans in Europe. The style of Djurgården terraces is a mixture of the English casual culture and the parallel ultras culture. Team colours together with brands like Aquascutum Active are just as common on the terraces as the songs and chants.

To me, Swedish football is a culture phenomenon that is both vibrant without accepting the changes its core values. No influx of money from foreign investors can occur, the democracy of the associations are quite strong and we plan to keep it that way.

All photo courtesy Erik Wibaeus©
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